Mass imperfections. who is in control ?


Local Industries and SCALES (research department of AAU ANASTAS) will be presenting the Palestinian pavilion at the Dubai Design Week 2016, opening on the 24th of October 2016.

Mass imperfections is a structure made out of 552 mutually supported olive wood pieces that are small with respect to the entire structure. It experiments the ability of craftsmanship of stepping back into the forefront of the fabrication processes.

Mass imperfections challenges high tech fabrication processes by monitoring and anticipating imperfections of highly skilled artisans.

The fabrication of each panel has followed a long and slow process involving hybrid procedures of hand and machine controlled fabrication techniques. The following is a 4-episode story about the fabrication process of Mass imperfections.


Episode 1 : Who is in control ?


Episode 2 : Revealing the shape. But still wondering who is in control?


Episode 3 : The muscle is the most sophisticated machine ever created.


Episode 4 : Exact Approximations !

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