— By Elias Anastas

Located next to the Edward Said National conservatory of Music, Al Jisser is part of an urban lot whose scale has been thought as a blend of architecture and urbanism. The whole piece of city has been thought as a reaction to the blurred limits of the Palestinian city and the difficulties of thinking the territorial scale in the actual political situation by proposing an urbanism of architectural scale. Al-jisser extends that same strategy to an even smaller scale: it provides to the space an around-the-clock mixed-use flow.

The name of the bar – Al-Jisser (literally the bridge) – is a reference to the suspended structure that shapes the 35sqm interior space. The metallic structure invites visitors to wander on a suspended narrow structure through a continuous monolithic steel path that winds around a service core.


The suspended bridge is made out of a 15 mm steel slab, round steel rods and uses the railings for the bracing of the structure. The door refers to traditional practical industrial doors found in most of the city’s shops, made out of steel but, in this case, including transparent glass panels. In summertime, the entire door folds to erase the limits between the interior and the exterior space.
All the components of the space, including the suspended structure and the Jawad stools, have been tailor-designed and made by artisans of Local Industries. The logo of the bar was designed by Hassan Kan’an, a Palestinian Jordanian calligrapher living in downtown Amman.


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