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    Architects and engineers association new center, in the suburbs of Bethlehem, is located in a residential area. The predominant house type characterising the area is the “villa”. The site presents a slope of 4m, and is surrounded by houses on three sides. The site is congested by the neighbouring constructions and offers limited and punctual views on Bethlehem, limiting the rapport of the center with its direct context. To compensate for this absence, the center is designed as an introverted entity, around an internal landscape. The design aims to create an internal atmosphere and comfortable conditions adapted to the activities of the center. The exterior facade of the project follows the alignment of the parcel, maximising the area, in order to hollow the mass by a planted patio. The continuous facade of the project constitutes a stone moucharabiyeh, with a gradual movement of the ratios of the openings towards the top.

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Bethlehem Palestine

79 Caritas Street Bethlehem

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Bethlehem Palestine

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F +972 (2) 2741333


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