The Wonder Cabinet
— By Local Industries

The Wonder Cabinet brings together people and initiatives seeking for possible unforseen cultural, industrial and social interactions.

Central alley by Mothana Hussein

The Wonder Cabinet is a project launched by Local Industries. The project aims at remodeling the historic Bandak Factory into a hybrid structure combining industrial production with a flexible cultural and social platform.

Setting up for Recordat by Mothana Hussein

Blending scales and know-hows creates transversality. The Wonder Cabinet is a breeding ground for knowledge, activities, events, know-hows all ordinarily organized otherwise.

The Wonder Cabinet is a flexible open, inclusive and progressive platform whose goal is to give birth to unforeseen knowledge.

Mezzanine 3 by Mikaela Burstow

The Wonder Cabinet is a platform for the creation of spontaneous exchanges between people from different domains.
The hub seeks to create an ensemble composed of people and initiatives — all living in one place — and to find ways of sharing and engaging with each other over time. It will be a center encompassing freedom to imagine the present, the past and the future, building on inherited cultural layers.

Main entrance by Mikaela Burstow

The Wonder Cabinet will curate different types of activities alongside its industrial production.


The factory space will be used as a flexible platform for several cultural initatives.

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